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22022018 langday

21st February, 2018: Two-Day National Congress on “International Mother Language Day” organized by School of Languages and Literatureat SMVD University was inaugurated today in the auspicious premises of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. Prof. Dr. D. Mukhopadhyay, Dean, Faculty of Management, was the chief guest of the occasion. Prof. Mukhopadhyay highlighted the prominence of commemorating such events and congratulated the entire team for conducting the first ever congress on this topic, in the region Dr. Amitabh Dwivedi, Head, of the School presented the Inaugural address, highlighting how such events assist in promoting linguistic and cultural diversity. Dr. Anurag Kumar, the convener of the event welcomed the esteemed dignitaries and participants in the celebration of recognizing and promoting multilingualism. The inaugural session was followed by “Meet the Writer” session where in renowned journalist and writer, Mrs. Yogita Yadav presented self-composed short story entitled “Galat Pate ki Chitthi”. Eminent academician, Prof. Desh Bandhu Dogra Nutan presented his valuable insights on “Dogra, Duggar and Dogri”. Further, Prof Sukhchain Singh from University of Jammu had an heartening session on “Ghazals”. Prof Raj Kumar, distinguished intellectual from Central University of Jammu projected the significance of “Matrbhasha se Bhasha ka Vikas”. Dr Radha Rani from University of Jammu presented a self-compose narrative “Janamdin”. Prof Divendra Thakur prominent academician from Ramnagar had an interactive session on “Kesh Dogri Gallan”. “Meet the Writer” session was followed by sessions on various national languages. Dr. Ranbir Kaur, Assistant Professor, School of Languages and Literature presented the vote of thanks.

22022018 arch

Students of School of Architecture and Landscape design, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra shared their internship experience in national and international countries with high-profile Architects e.g. at Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Indonesia etc. The students went through the internship as a part of their curriculum, and spent full semester internship (professional practice) at reputed offices within and outside the country. Subsequently; the experiences, work and other visits conducted by the students in this period was presented before a panel of external and internal jurors for evaluation at the end of the internship. School of Architecture conducted the evaluation of the internship through a 3-member jury panel consisting of Dr. (Ar.) Amitava Sarkar (NIT Hamirpur), Ar. Vishal Abrol (Architect, Jammu) and Ar. Navin Gupta (Internal Coordinator of Internship). Pertinent to mention that, out of the class of 38 students;. Many students got opportunities with reputed offices across India e.g. at Hyderabad, Auroville, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmadabad etc. The external examiners applauded the works of the students immensely and congratulated the Head of the School, Prof. Rajeev Garg and faculty members of the school for the good internship opportunity provided to the students with related support thereof. A two day internship jury concluded with the formal lecture by the experts on formal practices of Architecture and group interaction with the batch. Vice-Chancellor of the University; Dr. Sanjeev Jain along with Dean- Faculty of Engineering; Prof. V. Verma congratulated the faculty, staff and students of the school for exceptional internship laurels brought by the school this year.

A study published recently in 2018 in reputed Scientific Journal “Nature Scientific Reports” by the Human Genetics Research Group of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University provided strong evidences based on Genetics refuting the much acclaimed “Aryan Invasion Theory”. The study has been supported by a grant to Dr. Swarkar Sharma, coordinator Human Genetics Research Group by National Geographic Society, USA. The paper is receiving great appreciation worldwide and has been creating a buzz in social media.

As evidences exist that ancestors of the human population of the world, originated in Africa and these ancestors migrated out of Africa and populated the world; India has served as a major corridor for modern human migration and was amongst the first regions of the world populated by humans once they left Africa. Of all the theories of migration and invasion most debated has been “Aryan Invasion Theory” which is often associated with Caste formation in the Nation. As most of the previous studies from India, Eurasia or studies, almost completely lacked sampling from the region of Jammu and Kashmir. Despite various scientific evidences discussions have kept the “Aryan Invasion Hypothesis” alive.

Dr. Swarkar Sharma coordinated the study with a team comprised of research scholars, “Indu Sharma and Varun Sharma from SMVDU”; “Akbar Khan” from Jammu University; Faculty from both Institutions “Dr. Ekta Rai and Dr. Parvinder Kumar”; “Prof. RNK Bamezai”, a well-known human Geneticist in India and “Dr. Miguel Vilar”, coordinator Genographic Project of National Geographic Society USA. The team specifically studies the maternal lineages in India. The team looked for mitochondrial DNA variations using Next Generation Sequencing Technologies and found it is not only few (already known and which are shared by other Indian population also as reported) but has lot new (potentially more than 19, found in the present study), indicating many new lineages exist (never reported earlier before). It justifies that Indian maternal lineages are not restricted to only few. The various type of high end analyses also indicated that ancestral maternal migrations not only happened prior to 20-30000 years before present but later too.

This study highlights, most of the migrations that contributed to genetic composition of Indian populations was not the males exclusively but migrations of the both genders and much before the anticipated time of origin of caste system in India. The most recent such contributory migrations probably had happened prior to approximately 10,000 years. There may have been some contributions associated with language dispersal from other regions to India or may be with agricultural expansion (cultural exchange and by preference selectively may be, for Indo-European language family), which needs to be critically evaluated further. The study concludes that no major invasion or migration has occurred that was of males exclusively which has shaped population of present India. It is important to note that major migrations of human populations through time, has been both for males and females before 8,000-10,000 years and caste system originated in India as social structure later, and became complicated in course of time. Dr. Sharma has claimed that this is a preliminary study of only 83 samples and it has provided such high diversity. More realities and facts can be unravelled if the sample size is increased and the study is extend further.

21022018 tbic

The 4th meeting of the Governing Council of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Technology Business Incubation Centre Society (SMVDU-TBIC) was held on 20th Feb 2018. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Sanjeev Jain, Vice Chancellor SMVDU and ex-officio Chairperson of the Governing Council of the Society. SMVDU-TBIC, is established at SMVD University, Katra with the Grant-in-aid jointly from NSTEDB, DST, MoST, Government of India and Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University with an objective to identify potential innovative technology-based ideas and facilitate these into independent self-sustaining businesses.

The other members who attended the meeting were, Dr. Abdul Rashid, Secretary DoST, J&K Government, Prof. V.K Bhat Registrar SMVDU, Prof. V.Verma Dean Faculty of Engineering SMVDU, Dr. Sushil K Mehta, Head School of Business, Dr. Kumud Jha Head of School of Electronic and Communication, Dr. Ashutosh Vashishtha, Coordinator SMVDU-TBIC. Dr. Mehrajudin Bhat, Joint Director J&K Government S&T Department. Dr. Swarkar Sharma, Interim CEO SMVDU-TBIC and member secretary apprised members of the various activities and procedures of the society. All the members appreciated the initiatives taken by SMVDU-TBIC, to promote entrepreneurship and support the innovations in the state of J&K.

In the meeting, Chairperson Dr. Sanjeev Jain suggested that SMVDU-TBIC should work towards promoting innovations leading to manufacturing and product development & efforts should be more on creating outreach to extreme locations of the state. He said that seeking innovative ideas and the creation of Intellectual property within the state, to increase the domestic productions and value addition, would result in more job creation in J&K. Dr. Rashid said that J&K DST will provide support the best possible way in this quest of SMVDU TBIC. Dr. Swarkar Sharma apprised the council members about the performance of SMVDU-TBIC. He informed that SMVDU-TBIC has utilized DST sanctioned grant in last financial year to greater extent by building efficient high-tech resources. These setups are to be made available for prototype development. The council has been informed that SMVDU-TBIC along with support from SMVDU Startup Cell (TEQIP III) is also working towards development of a Tinkering lab, to create open environment for scientific behavior, innovation and creativity for the students of the institution. The facility will be a common platform linking various fields for innovation. It will have computational facilities with advanced equipments like 3D printers, Multi-layer circuit printer, fabrication facility etc. SMVDU-TBIC has received funds from NSTEDB, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India under the NIDHI-Seed Support Scheme in order to further support the innovative ideas and physically incubated startups. Additionally, SMVDU-TBIC also has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with J&K bank with the main objective to support the Startups. Dr. Sharma informed members that SMVDU has recently revised its IP policy and developed an IP management and Standing Committee (IPMSC). The committee will develop procedures for execution of activities related to IP management like patent filing, as well as commercialization like technology transfer etc. and on the lines, an agreement has been signed with a TIFAC approved firm K&S Partners as facilitator. Keeping a unique integration of academia, industry, government and other entities in the startup ecosystem, SMVDU-TBIC has kept its online application portal open 24x7 at its website It was informed that Techno-preneurs from all across the state are welcome to participate and for any enquiries can contact SMVDU-TBIC.

16022018 tourism

In view of its pledge to contribute to the cause of Jammu and Kashmir, the students and faculty members, School of Architecture and Landscape Design (SoALD), SMVD University, met Hon’ble Minister of Tourism (J&K), Shri Tassaduq Hussain Mufti, of JK Tourism at TRC Jammu on February 14, 2018. The School under the leadership of Head Dr Rajeev Garg, Head SoALD made a presentation of their work for improving the potential of tourism in Jammu and Kashmir. The Head, (SoALD) presented credentials and capabilities of faculty team along Dr V K Dogra and Ar Vishal Bhatti. The students of B. Arch. presented their portfolio of project works before Hon’ble Minister and other officials which included Mrs Smita Sethi Director Tourism, Mrs. Anju Gupta. General Manager, Tourism and other officials of department.

Hon’ble minister appreciated work of faculty and students and expressed his trust and interest in association with SoALD and Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, for the projects of JK Tourism with active involvement of faculty members and the students. He advised to further explore the possibilities of offering internship / job opportunities and engagement of SoALD, SMVDU with projects of JK Tourism.

20022018 ProfTSatya

A guest lecture and faculty interaction of Prof. T. Satya Savitri , Head, ECE, JNTU College of engineering Hyderabad, under the TEQIP-III Program was organized at SoECE, SMVDU.

Prof Satya Savitri discussed the fundamentals of Digital Image Processing and presented a detailed presentation and apprised the audience about the areas in the field of Digital Image Processing. The presentation was very elaborative in nature and student, faculty and the staff members of SoECE and SoCSE attended the lecture. She discussed about the new field of digital forensic which is becoming a major area of research and motivated the audience to pursue this area. The lecture was followed by interaction and discussion with the faculty of ECE. Mr Ashish Suri, AP SoECE discussed how the students of SoECE can be placed in the companies which visit JNTU regularly and how the students of SMVDU can get summer internship with the companies which have MoU with JNTU. Prof. Savitri expressed willingness for JNTU and SMVDU collaboration to promote the research, academic & placement activities. Prof Satya Savitri interacted with the students & staff and appreciated about the infrastructure and the research output of the school. Dr. Sumeet Gupta, Dean Academic affair presented the memento and the vote of thanks was presented by Dr Amit Kant Pandit,I/c HoD SoECE .

13022018 newsfdp

SMVDU Katra 12th Feb. 2018: A Week-Long Faculty Development Program on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (SDM-2018) was inaugurated today at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra. The program scheduled from 12 to 16 February is aimed at highlighting the various fundamentals of Sustainability and its role in the present industrial scenario. The program is being coordinated by Dr. Ankush Anand, Assoc. Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Anand briefed all the participants about the need of sustainability in design and manufacturing environment. Dr. Anand also thanked the Vice Chancellor Prof. Sanjeev Jain for his constant encouragement to organize such programs in the University.

Experts from IIT’s, IIITDM, etc. have been invited to deliver lectures on new trends in the area of sustainable design and manufacturing. 37 Faculty members from various disciplines of Engineering, Science and, Technology from various parts of the country have registered for the program, which is sponsored by TEQIP–III (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program) at the University. Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Prof. V. Verma was the chief guest at the occasion. Prof. Verma spoke about the importance of organizing such courses which will keep the faculty abreast with the latest developments in the field of sustainability in Design and Manufacturing. Head, School of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Balbir Singh also spoke on the occasion.

Prof. Vinay Sharma, Head, Production Engineering Department, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra delivered the Introductory Lecture on “Sustainable Development through Lean and Six Sigma Tools”. During the inaugural ceremony, Faculty, Staff and Research Scholars of the School were present. The proceedings of the event were carried out by Er. Mir Irfan-Ul-Haq, Asst. Prof., SME. Er. Rajiv Kumar, Asst. Prof., SME proposed the vote of thanks.

20022018 ProfParvathiVudumulaAn Extension Lecture on “Gender Sensitization” by Prof. Parvathi Vudumula was organized by School of Languages and Literature. Prof. Parvati is Head, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at JNTUH College of Engineering, Hyderabad. Students of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University attended the lecture. In her session, she focused upon spreading awareness amongst students regarding Gender disparity that prevails in the society and who perpetuates such biased conceptions. At the end of her session, she interacted with the students who appreciated her efforts at sensitizing the youth which is the need of the hour. Dr. Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi, Head, School of Languages and Literature congratulated Prof. Parvathi for such a thought provoking and stimulating session. Further, Dr. Ranbir Kaur, Assistant Professor, School of Languages and Literature presented token of gratitude to Prof. Parvathi and thanked her for enriching the students with her ideas.

13022018 tarunbaliSMVDU Katra: Mr. Tarun Bali, S/o Sh. Indu Bhushan Bali, and a student of M.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University is offered admission into Master’s Program in Governance by the MIT School of Governance Pune. Mr. Tarun had participated in the Indian Student Parliament, organized by the School in the month of January, when he impressed the organizer by his speech and got encouragement to pursue the program in governance there. He further went through the entrance examination and online interview process last week, in which he was finally declared selected. It is pertinent to mention that Mr. Tarun was awarded the Best Speaker award last year in the North India Student Parliament organized by Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University.

19022018 DrSwami

‘The objective of an economist in Indian perspective should be to have the ability to blend economic sustenance with spiritual advancements; were the enlightening thoughts shared by Dr. Subramanium Swamy, Chief Guest, at the Megafest “Artha’ organised by School of Economics, SMVD University. Dr. Swamy ; a well-known economist and member of Rajya Sabha, addressed the gathering of young students and faculty members of SMVD University, in the valedictory function of ‘Artha.’ Impressed with the serenity and modern infrastructure of the University, Dr, Swamy said that he would be willing to take up teaching again in such University. While speaking on the topic ‘why one must learn economics’, he said that the economics has transformed and now it is a science that would help in shaping the world, with a perspective. One must know economics in holistic way and use it for the development. Dr. Swamy said that each country and region have their comparative advantages and hence an economist must look into the resource competences and address the solutions with micro as well as macro perspectives. Hence an economist must be able to distinguish clearly between micro and macro aspects of economics. Dr. Swamy emphasized upon the core of Indian ethos and culture. He said that the prime objective of the Indian development is attaining happiness; not only profit maximisation or production approach. The young shaping economists, must keep the social context and the objective of creating happiness at the core of materialistic development. More materialism leads to more greed and hence more corruption. Dr. Swamy while addressing the young minds, emphasised upon the power of women in the society. He said that the women in Indian society have always been given highest importance and that has paved the way for peace and development.

19022018 drswami2Before the lecture, Dr. Sanjeev Jain, Vice Chancellor, SMVD University, welcomed the Chief Guest, Dr. Subraminiam Swamy, and congratulated the students of School of Economics for the mega event. He said that learning is the bank of understanding and the SMVD University provides an avenue for the learning and overall development of the students. Prof. D. Mukhopadhay, Dean, Faculty of Management, welcomed the esteemed guest and said that the academic environment in SMVD University provides for a wholesome development of the students. The occasion was graced by, Prof. V.K. Bhat, Registrar, Dr. Yugal Khajuria, Dean of Students, Dr. Pabitra Jena, i/c Head, School of Economics, faculty staff and students of SMVDu and other schools and colleges from across India. The event Artha was a mega fest organised by the students of School of Economics in SMVD University, from 16-18 February 2018.

The event ‘Artha’ witnessed various competitive and knowledge gaining events such as future Chanakya, Quizonomics, Ecoscrap etc. The event was participated by the students of various schools and colleges across India. The festival was proceeded by the award giving ceremony. SPMR college and APS bagged first position in Furture Chanakya. Students from SPMR College and SPMR School won first prize in Quiizonomics and Rock-O-Nomics, while GCW Udhampur won first prize in Shipwreck, KC Public School and APS Sain Xaviers, KV-1, were winners in Delve through the lens of Nature. Prof. D. Mukhopadhaya, Dean faculty of Management, distributed the prizes and encouraged students for their enthusiastic participation. The event Artha was ornamented by a vivacious cultural night to supplement the festival in more rampant manner. The successful organisation of the event motivated the students.

12022018 01mbaMr. Anil Abrol who is currently the Branch Head of Northern region Century Plywood and his Head Mr. Kuldeep Bhan - Country Head of Century Plywood , visited the University campus to interact with the students of School of Business on 23rd January, 2018, alumni. Mr. Anil Abrol discussed his corporate experience and mentioned about the challenges one has to face in corporate. He gave some inputs to the students so that they can prepare themselves well in advance to face those challenges. Mr. Kuldeep Bhan discussed the various career opportunities for students after completing their MBA program. He shared the Mantras for Campus placement. He motivated the students to enhance their communication skills to get a good placement. He discussed the various parameters which company's look for in their future employees. He concluded by saying that, to upgrade ones’ knowledge and skills it is necessary to develop the hobbit of reading on daily basis.

12022018 02mbaMs. Shafi Gupta, Alumni, School of Business, SMVDU interacted with students of management on 5th February, 2018. Ms. Gupta presently is working with ICICI Pru Life Insurance as Key Relationship Management. During her interaction with students, she talked about difference in her experience in University and the corporate. She mentioned about the obstacles she faced initially in her corporate service and her how she come out of those due to her positive attitude. She also talked about the impact of demonetization and GST on insurance business. At the end she concluded by saying that corporate life is not easy, many hardships are faced but one have to make one’s way and excel. She guided the students to be a SMART worker is which is required in the corporate world.

12022018 03mbaMs. Ila Sharma, 2014 pass out interacted with students of MBA. Presently she is working as Senior Analyst in Ernest & Young in risk management research. While sharing her corporate experience and learning from Ernest & Young with students, she gave them successful mantras for success in corporate. She advised the student to do smart work and take initiative in life which will always give returns to them in corporate life. while talking about failure stories of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc. the mentioned that consider failure as one of the stepping stone towards success in life.

19022018 artha

Whipping into shape on 16th February, 2018, the School of Economics, at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University inaugurated a mega fest: ARTHA. The festival was inaugurated by the Mr. Zorawar Singh, General Secretary, Jammu Press Club, a young and dynamic face in Media. He shared his life experience and emphasized on the importance of team spirit with Rashtriya Bhakti. He also mentioned the problem of drug abuse and asked students to be away from any such vices. The inaugural session witnessed the presence of, Prof. D. Mukhopadhyay, Dean, Faculty of Management, Prof. V.K. Bhat, Registrar of the University, Prof. Yugal Khajuria, the Dean of Students. The speakers applauded the efforts of the students of School of Economics and emphasized upon the creative platforms like these events, provided by the University.

The three day event has galore of events. On day one the highlight events were guest lecture of Dr. Swarkar Sharma, CEO SMVDU TBIC, regarding how students can take up the startup, Mr. Kulwant Singh, Assistant Prof. School of Economics, regarding the new evolving economic opportunities, formal event Future Chanakya, discussions and debates on smoldering topics such as Why Should Government Subsidize Farmers? For school students and Population of India: An Asset or Liability for Economic Growth for college students. Other events included Balam Pichkari, Bff’s, Balloons Stomp, Ball Bopping, Impromptu Poetry Contest, Ice Cream Sticks Modelling, House Of Cards, Beads Show, Stop and Throw, The Dice Game

The first day also witnessed a magical performance of the students of School of Economics in the cultural evenings that included dances of many regions and traditions of the areas; musical evening. The event shall be running for three days and has participation of various students from various schools and colleges of India.

SMVDU Katra: Upon the approval of the Chancellor and the Governor of J&K State, Sh. N.N. Vohra, who is also the Chairman of the Executive Council of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, three new engineering programs (B.Tech.) are being introduced in the University from the academic session beginning from July 2018. These programs are B.Tech. in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Food Technology; and will be run fully as per All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) norms. Keeping in view the demand of these programs in the region, and for better educational opportunity for youth, the Universities identified these disciplines. Accordingly, new departments are being created and their respective Board of Studies are meeting shortly for designing curriculum, keeping in view the need of the industry, infrastructure sector, and significant rise in the food processing industry. The Academic Council of the University will be discussing the curriculum in its meeting to be held in the next week.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Sanjeev Jain is taking all measures and supervision all necessary development and establishment activities for launching the new programs. The University is also initiating its own entrance examination – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Engineering Entrance (SMVDUEE) from this year for encouraging quality intake from all corners of the country. This examination will be held in the month of April this year. By addition of these new programs, there are now 7 engineering programs (including Bachelor of Architecture) in the University.

19022018 drarpna

School of Physics at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra organized a special lecture on “NaNo Materials”. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Y. Aparna, Professor and Head, Department of Physics at JNTU College of Engineering Hyderabad. The lecture began with an introduction on chronological developments in the field exploiting Nano science and technology. Concepts linked to the fundamentals behind the science and technology of materials at the nano scale and their potential applications were explained beautifully to the audience. Different methods of synthesis of nano materials and possible tools of their characterization were discussed. The talk being interdisciplinary in nature addressed larger audience involving science and engineering and hence received deep apprication. The session ended with vote of thanks to the speaker by Dr. Jitendra Sharma, the faculty coordinator for the event.


SMVDU Katra: Medical Aid Centre of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Katra organized General Medical & ENT Check-up Camp of 1st year students of the University. The camp was conducted under the instruction of the Vice Chancellor Dr. Sanjeev Jain. Dr. Anju Sharma in-charge Medical Officer/ENT Specialist along with her team Dr. Supinder Singh and Dr. R. Z. Ahmed examined of 1st year students and provided free medicines and Lab services during screening of students and health education to them.

Besides above the following Paramedical Staff Mrs. Basanti Kumari, Ms. Alka Saini, Mr. Manish Kumar, Mr. Vijay Kumar also participated in the camp for screening various students. Total 200 students of 1st year were examined. The aim of medical camp was to screen students for communicable and Non- communicable diseases and health awareness among students to lead a healthy life.

19022018 fdp

Katra 16th Feb. 2018: A Week Long Faculty Development Program on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (SDM-2018) concluded today at School of Mechanical Engineering, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra. Prof. K. Narasimhan from Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay was the Chief Guest during the valedictory session. The program was held from 12th to 16th February, 2018. Dr. Ankush Anand (Assoc. Prof., SME), the program coordinator presented a report of the program. A total of 37 faculty members from different institutes of the country attended the program. Prof. Pradeep Kumar from IIT Roorkee, Prof. K. Narasimhan from IIT Bombay, Prof. G. Dutta from IIITDM- Jabalpur were the eminent speakers who disseminated various aspects of sustainability in design and manufacturing environment. During this One Week Program, Prof. Pradeep spoke about the Taguchi Technique for optimizing the manufacturing processes. Prof Narasimhan spoke about various technologies like hot stamping and metal forming for sustainable automobile design and manufacturing. The other speakers who spoke during the program include Prof. Vinay Kumar, BIT Misra, Dr. V.V.Tyagi (Asst. Prof., SoEM, SMVDU), Dr. Ankush Anand (Assoc. Prof., SME and Program co-ordinator), Dr. R.K. Misra (Assoc. Prof., SME) and Dr. Balbir Singh (Assoc. Prof., SME). The valedictory also included a feedback session from all the Faculty members who attended this Faculty Development Program.

During the valedictory session, co-ordinator of the program Dr. Ankush Anand thanked the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor SMVDU Prof. Sanjeev Jain for his continuous encouragement in organizing such events which helps in overall development of Faculty members through scientific research. The program co-ordinator also appreciated the student committee members for round the clock efforts which led to the successful conduct of this program. The Faculty participants from outside institutes expressed their eagerness to attend more such programs on issues related to sustainability and other emerging areas where inter-disciplinary groups may work in a closed loop in various areas of engineering, science and, technology. Proceedings of the event were carried out by Er. Ankush Raina (Asst. Prof., SME). Er. Mir Irfan ul Haq(Asst. Prof., SME) presented the vote of thanks.


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