Instruction Manual

  1. For better Experience use Latest Chrome Browser with Javascript Enabled.
  2. Your can Apply for more than one form using this application.
  3. Contact for any Technical Query.

How to Register Yourslef ?

  • Fill up the Registration Form - Registration Manual
  • Please Read the Instructions below every Control and input accordingly.
  • Activate your Account by clicking over the Link sent to your Registered Email.
  • After Successfully Registering your-self and Activation. You can now go for Login.

How to Login ?

  • Fill the Login Form
  • Please Read the Instruction below every Control and input accordingly.
  • Pleae read the Instructions with the Captcha
  • In case you Forgot your Password - Forgot Password Manual
  • After Successfully Logging into the system, the Home Page/Dashboard will appear.

How Application Works ?

  • Click for How Application Works Manual
  • After Successful Login, you will be provided with the Home Page/Dashboard.
  • This a three step Process i.e. Step 1 (Incomplete Admission Forms), Step 2(Forms Completed but Pending for Payments) and finally, Step 3(Form Submitted and Application Fee Paid). Your Form must be in Step 3 Section, for Successful Submission.
  • Click Start New Application Menu to start the new Application Form.
  • The Complete Form has been divided into Three Forms (Basic Details, Qualification & Experience and Documents Uploading). Every time you hit Save and Continue button your data will be saved and Next Form will appear. You can move to the Home Page/Dashboard at any point of time after completion of any form.
  • Fill up the Details according to the Instruction below every Control. Errors, if any, will be displayed at the top in Red color.
  • Step 1: Incomplete Admission Forms:
    • At any point of time, after completion of any form(s), you can go to Home Page, to check the status of your form(s). i.e. whether the Basic Form Status, or others, is/are complete or Incomplete. You can Select the Form and hit submit will continue you with the the Form having status Incomplete.
    • After completion of All the Three Forms, Your Form will be, automatically move to Step 2 Section.
  • Step 2: Forms Completed but Pending for Payments:
    • After successful completion of Step 1 your form will move to the next Step i.e. Step 2
    • There are Four Buttons(Check your Form, Edit if Required, Lock before making Payment and Make Payment) in this section.
    • Check your Form: When you Click this button, a Form, in pdf Format, will appear, Check all the Entries you have made. In case you find any Mistake, move back by clicking the Back Button on the Browser and Edit it by clicking Edit if required button.
    • Edit if Required: There are two options (1. Basic/Personal Information and 2. Qualification Information) available. Select the option and click Submit button, then Selected Form will appear with all the entries. Change the values and click Update Button. Check the Form again for any error.
    • Lock before making Payment: If every thing on the Form is Correct then Lock the Form but Remember Form Once Locked cannot be Edited.
    • Make Payment: After Locking the Form, Click Make Payment Button to proceed for payment.
    • After Making Payment a Screen will appear that Displays all the Transaction Details and same be sent to you email also.
    • Successful Payment(i.e. Transaction Status must be Success) will move your form to next section i.e. Step 3
    • Unsuccessful Payment(i.e. Transaction Status other than success e.g. blank, failure etc.) will not move the form and you have to try again to Make Payment until you got Transaction Status as "success".
  • Step 3: Form Submitted & Application Fee Paid:
    • Your Form in this Section means you have Successfully Submitted the Form.
    • Click Display button, to display your form in pdf format, and download the same, for your record.

Payment Related Issues !

  1. Unable to make Online Payment, contact
  2. Your Account Debited, but your Form is not showing, under Section "Step 3: Form Submitted & Application Fee Paid" ?
  3. Amount deducted twice: Contact
  4. Your Form will be submitted only when your payment is successful i.e. Transaction Status is Success, and in any other cases (e.g. Transaction Status is Blank or anything else other than Success), you have to make payment again, till you get Transactin Status "Success" and your Form is in Step 3 section.
  5. For any Payment Related Issue, Please contact

Forgot Password ?

  • Click for Forgot Password Screen Manual
  • In case you Forgot your password, Click the Forgot Password Link present at the bottom of the Login Form.
  • Enter your Email, which is your Username also, and Click Submit button.
  • After some processing, a message in Green will appear "Password Verification url has been sent to your E-Mail, Please check your Mail !"
  • Go to Your mail and click the Link to Change Your Password.
  • Change Your Password and click Submit button.
  • A mail with your Username and Password, will be sent to your Email account, for Future Reference.