Admission 2020-21
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University
A State University recognized under Section 2 (f) & 12 (B) of UGC Act of 1956
Ranked 78th among Engineering Institutions and Among Ranked Top 100 Business Schools in National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF 2020) declared by MHRD, Govt. of India.
Rules/IPR Policy/Ordinances
Research Centers

1. 5G and IoT Lab

Project Investigator/Coordinator: Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jha, Associate Professor-SoECE& Dean[R&D]

Established in 2017 with the collaboration of Intel, funded by DST-TBIC, Intel, and TEQIP-III

2. DBT Sponsored- BIF Centre (PR-15)

Project Investigator/Coordinator : Dr V.Verma , Professor-SoBT

Database developed

Microbial community data base of the metagenomic sample of one of the glaciers of NW Himalayas under preparation.

Bioinformatics infrastructure available at centres

Hardware Software
Computer hardware: High end workstation HP Z600 Intel Xeon 6-Core with QuadroNvidia Graphic Processing Unit. Computer Software: DNASTAR Lasergene, (Version 8 updated and new version 11),
HP Z210 Intel Xeon 4-Core workstation, high end server Sunfire x400. PyRx 0.9.7, Amber Molecular Dynamics Package (Stanford University),
M2, Entry level server Sunfire x2200 Open Source software’s like PyMOL, AUTODOCK, GROMACS molecular dynamics package, Desmond molecular dynamics package, GMXPBSA, g_MMPBSA etc., tripos SXBYL-X
M2, Workstations Sunultra 20 M2 (4 Nos.) Licensed system softwares like Windows 7, Red Hat, MS Office, Visual Studio etc.
Desktop Computers Dell Make (12 Nos.)  
Video Conferencing system (Sony Make)  
Scanner (HP Make)  
HP laserjet Printer  
Photocopier (Canon Make)  
Online UPS 5kva (Apc Make)  

3. ICMR-Centre for Advance Research (CAR) (RP-106) “To Address & Promote Human Reproductive Health inJammu and Kashmir Region”

Project Investigator/Coordinator : Dr. Rakesh Kumar, AP, SoBT

There is no published data from Jammu region.

The center has following objectives:

The Institute will be recognized as a ICMR Centre of Advanced Research in Reproductive Health (CAR), SMVDU, Katra “To Address & Promote Human Reproductive Health in Jammu and Kashmir Region”for Research and Training in Reproductive Health, and also as a centre for Training in Diagnosis and Management of Infertility and spontaneous Abortions.

4. Geophysics R&D programme

Project Investigator/Coordinator : Dr. Sunil K. Wanchoo, Associate Professor, SMVDU

5. Cancer Genetics Research Group (CGRP)

Project Investigator/Coordinator : Dr. Rakesh Kumar, AP, SoBT

Co-PI: Dr. Swarkar Sharma, AP, SoBT

6. SMVDU -Human Genetics Research Group (HGRG)

Project Investigator/Coordinator : Dr. Swarkar Sharma, AP,SoBT, Dr. EktaRai, AP, SoBT, Dr. Vinod Singh, AP, SoBT

Thrust areas of Research under various Schools
S.No. School Specialization available in school
1. SoBT Microbial Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Human Biotechnology, Genetics
2. SoP Space Physics (Including astronomy), Condensed Matter Physics, Geophysics (including seismology), Electronics
3. SoALD Architectural Design, Value Addition, Thermal Performance of Buildings, Urban Design & Regional Planning, Landscape Design.
4. SoECE VLSI, 5G, IoT, Communication System, Digital Design, Computer Network, Security, Wireless Network
5. SoM Algebra, Topology, Analysis, Soft Computing, Operation Research, Statistics and Differential Geometry
6. SoB Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource, Strategy, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship
7. SoCSE Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Algorithms and Data Mining
8. SoME Composite Plates and Laminates, Natural fibers and glass fibers reinforced composites, Meshless methods (Multiquadric Radial Basis Function), Hybrid radial basis function e. Bio-diesel, Structural Design, Model based structural design, Structural Mechanics, Structural Dynamics, Automatic Controls, Solar Photovoltaic-Thermoelectric Energy System, Hybrid energy system – solar thermal system coupled wind energy generator, Thermoelectric power generation embedded on solar thermal collector and waste heat energy recovery, Energy and exergy analysis, Energy efficient and pollution free cooking stoves, Hydrogen generation from renewable energy sources like solar wind and biomass, Production Engineering, Advance Machining Methods, Maintenance and Quality Control, Sustainable Design, Life Cycle Engineering, Design Optimization, TriboSystems,Bio – Tribology, Self-Lubricating Composites (Tribology), Industrial Engineering, Ergonomics, Thermal Engineering and Heat transfer, Solar Energy-Solar thermal energy utilization-performance enhancement of solar air heaters, Performance and stability of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings using FEM, Design of Mechanical Systems, Renewable Energy, Net Zero Energy Buildings, Exergy, CFD, Automation,Metal Matrix Composites, Mechanical and Tribological Testing, Product Design,Additive Manufacturing, Thermal Engineering (Energy & Exergy Analysis, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning), Optimization in Manufacturing Systems, Fault diagnosis in Manufacturing Systems, New Product Development,Artificial Intelligent Techniques, Supply Chain Management, Basic Thermodynamics, TOM, DOM, Fluid mechanics and Machines, Thermofluids, Computational Fluid Dynamics, System Design, Industrial & Production, Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites, Tribology.
9. SOEM Solar Thermal, Solar Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Solar Photovoltaic Thermal, Thermal Energy Storage, Solar Photovoltaic Thermal, Building Energy Simulation, FEM.
10. SoCE Structures, Water Resources
11. SoEE Power System, Electric Power Distribution System Analysis, Operation and Optimization, Handling Uncertainties in Power System, Distributed Renewable Power Generation and Demand Side Management
12. SoL&L Indigenous Languages, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Film Studies, black Women Writing, American Writing, languages Documentation, Indigenous languages, cultural & languages, revitalizing language
13. SoP&C Indian Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Logic & Ethical Issues, Symbolic Logic, Philosophy of Science, Human Rights and Greek Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and western Epistemology, Metaphysics, Phenomenology
14. SoE Macro-Economic Modeling and Economic of Tourism Development in J&K

IRDU Notifications - [Archive]

Notifications Archive: 2018, 2019

Patent Filing related Information

No. of patents filed: 19

In process of Filing: 12

List of patents Filed with Intellectual Property Office, DIPP, GoI:
S. No. Department Patent Title Patent Application No./Patent No. Year Status
1. School of Biotechnology, School of Electronics and Communication Engineering Electrical Conductivity Based Detection and Quantification Of Presence Of Proteins In Blood/Body Fluid Samples 201711033513 2017 Filed
2. School of Electronics & Communication Engineering Sector based architecture for device-to-device (d2d) communication 201711014816 2017 published
3. School of Electronics & Communication Engineering System and method for reducing interference in a communication network 201711014817 2017 published
4. School of Electronics & Communication Engineering Power optimization with low complexity using scaled beam forming approach 201711014818 2017 published
5. School of Biotechnology A Novel Strategy to Increase The Biogas Production 201711043149 2017 Published
6. School of Mechanical Engineering Ergonomically designed Multitasking Mop handle 201811038186 2018 Published
7. School of Mechanical Engineering Check valve drip-set 201811031311 2018 Filed
8. School of Electronics & Communication Engineering Zonal based green algorithm for enhancing battery lifetime of user terminals 201811010011 2018 Filed
9. School of Biotechnology Technical modifications for a cheaper hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (hipec) device 201811014220 2018 Filed
10. School of Biotechnology PCR TaqMan assay based Kit for Telomere length measurement 201811041582 2018 published
11. School of Electronics & Communication Engineering General purpose M2M sim module that enables 4G LTE based communication for internet enabled devices (IOT) 201811023546 2018 Filed
12. School of Electronics & Communication Engineering Region Based Algorithm (RBA) for Secure Harvesting in Ultra Dense Network 201811038418 2018 Filed
13. School of Biotechnology A Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) kit and process for making the same 201811020588 2018 Published
14. School of Computer Science & Engineering System for capacitor voltage balancing of three-phase neutral-point clamped bi-directional rectifier and method thereof 201911012449 2018 Filed
15. School of Mathematics HUMAN IDENTIFICATION IN MULTI-GAIT SCENARIO 201911029219 2019 Filed
16. School of Electronics & Communication Engineering Design of Active Band-Pass FSS (Frequency Selective Surface) 202011008419 2019 Filed
17. School of Electronics & Communication Engineering Smart Digital Pen: Samarth in e-Verification 202011013150 2019 Filed
18. School of Computer Science & Engineering METHOD AND SYSYTEM FOR GENERATING A THREE-DIMENSIONAL (3D) FRAMEWORK OF AN OBJECT 202011024270 2020 Filed
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Dr. Swarkar Sharma, Nodal Officer IPMSC
Academic Blocks, B-C Junction, 2nd Floor
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Campus, Katra
Jammu and Kashmir, India -182320
Phone: +91-1991-285535; +91-1991-285535//-285524 ext.2920


The Research & Development (R&D) Wing has been setup in the University to provide specialized administrative and managerial support for the operation of Sponsored Research Projects, Consultancy Jobs and other related R&D activities.

The main objectives of R&D Wing include:

The main functions of R&D Wing include administrative and accounting support for:

At present, the university has 34 running projects sponsored by premier central funding agencies of the country besides 26 no. of consultancy projects in hand.

Activities under R&D Wing

Major R&D Activities include administrative and accounting support for:

Ph.D. Students

There are at present 156 students registered for Ph.D. under various schools.

List of Ph.D. students to be uploaded


SMVDU has signed various Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) Signed with Institutes/ Agencies/ Industries. These offer an extraordinary opportunity for various areas of engagement include students and faculty exchange, joint research and fellowships etc. Detailed list is as given below:

R&D Wing Administration

Research and Development Wing is headed by Dean (R&D), SMVDU.

Dean (R&D) is assisted by one Assistant Registrar, One Section Officer, One Office Assistant and One Junior Assistant.

Contact us:

Email ID: dean.research[at]smvdu[dot]ac[dot]in, ar.irdu[at]smvdu[dot]ac[dot]in, research[at]smvdu[dot]ac[dot]in

Research is actively pursued by Faculty members and Research Scholars in each Department of Study. Each Department has identified a set of Research area in which the researc work is carried. Most of the departments are equipped with Research Labs.

The Departments shall focus on innovative and interdisciplinary training and capacity building skill enhancement and consultancy with the prime objective of contributing meaningfully to the development & economic upliftment of the surrounding populace in general and the region in particular by exposing them to the various job/self-employment opportunities available. Departments shall try to build the competence of young students of nearby local areas so as to build the required critical human resource pool for strengthening and expanding science and technology system in R&D base.

Research Projects and Consultancies:
Research Projects

Within the short span of 15 years the faculty members and Schools of the University have been able to obtain Sponsored Projects from bodies like DST, UGC, AICTE, ISRO, DRDO, ICSSR, TEQIP-III etc. We have total 87 projects in SMVDU in which we have 57 closed Projects and currently we are working on 35 projects. Out of total number of Projects we have 34 Government Sponsored projects and 01 Industry Sponsored projects. Detailed list is given below:

Research Consultancies:

Industrial consultancy is a significant area of activity of the Institute. The nature and extent of the industrial consultancy projects undertaken by the University is an index of its credibility with the industry and is symbolic of the relevance of a centre of excellence in the context of nation’s socio-economic development. We have 27 Consultancy Projects and the list is given below:

Click to Download: Research and Consultancy Brochure

SMVDU has a serious focus on Research and understands that Research is it's Raison d etre. with the objective of promoting research work, SMVDU has established Dedicated Centers of Excellence in Research in various fields. These Centers have been established by the univerity with support from UGC & DBT. Five Research Centers and a Bioinformatics Facility are at the core of the Research Activities in the University:

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