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A State University recognized under Section 2 (f) & 12 (B) of UGC Act of 1956
Ranked 78th among Engineering Institutions and Among Ranked Top 100 Business Schools in National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF 2020) declared by MHRD, Govt. of India.


The laboratory will provide experimental set-up for more than approximately 30 different experiments of which at least ten are compulsory for a student to complete. The lists of experiments are provided in the regularly updated Laboratory Manual maintained by the Department of Physics. The experiments will be a thoughtful mix involving different techniques and specialties

List of Experiments: Name of the experiments
1. To observe the rotation of the plane of polarization of monochromatic light by given sol. (sugar sol.) And determine the specific rotation of sugar using a Polarimeter.
2. To determine the Planck’s constant using Einstien’s equation of Photoelectric Effect.
3. To determine the temperature dependence of total radiation and hence verify the Stefan’s law.
4. To study the divergence of He -Ne laser.
5. To investigate Diamagnetism, Paramagnetism and Ferromagtism.
6. To find the Resolving Power of Prism
7. To study the Newton’s interference rings and to (a) determine the wavelength of Sodium light (b)determine the radius of curvature of the convex surface of a plano –convex lens.
8. To study the dependence of the Refractive Index of the material of the prism on the wavelength of the light and hence (a) to determine the dispersive power of the material of the prism (b) to verify the Cauchy relationship.
9. To verify the Biot- Savart’s law
10. To plot the Current –Voltage characteristics of a CdS Photoresister at constant irradiance.
11. To determine the Planck’s Constant ‘h’.
12. To determine the Franck Hertz characteristic curve of Neon
13. To measure the wavelength of Laser using a millimeter scale as a grating
14. To determine the wavelength of sodium light using Fresnel’s Biprism
15. To demonstrate the Faraday Effect using flint glass.
16. To determine the Electronic Charge e by Millikan’s oil drop method
17. To measure the wavelengths of the Balmer series of Visible emission lines from Hydrogen
18. To determine the phase shift between the normal and extraordinary light beam produced by given dielectric fluid (nitrobenzene) and to plot a graph between the phase shift and square of electric field or square of voltage.

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