Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University
A State University recognized under Section 2 (f) & 12 (B) of UGC Act of 1956
Ranked 79th among Engineering Institutions, Ranked 24th in Arhitecture and Among Ranked Top 100 Business Schools in National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF 2021) declared by MHRD, Govt. of India.

17112021 aksAr. Aditya Kumar Singh, Head, School of Architecture & Landscape Design, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University (SMVDU), Katra, delivered the keynote lecture on “Happiness through Architecture” in a two-day online neo-international conference on "Habitable Environments" and "International Professional Meet" at Lovely Professional University, Punjab, in collaboration with Indian Institute of Architects, Punjab Chapter, from 12-13 November, 2021.

Ar. Singh sensitized the audience about the significance of intangible human factor for sustainable habitable environments. The conference was attended by over 300 participants from universities & colleges globally through Live YouTube Link and Zoom Link.The talk was appreciated by the participants and applauded by peer international architects for putting forward the intangible perspective on sustainability.

23082021 Picture1Ar. Aditya Kumar Singh, Head, School of Architecture & Landscape Design, SMVD University has been awarded the prestigious National Architecture & Interior Design & Conference 2021-Global Edition Award for Quality Education & Infrastructure under the category of most promising & leading Architecture School of the year 2021 by Beginup Research Intelligence Private Limited, Bengaluru on 17.08.2021.

SMVD University Vice-Chancellor, Padamshree Prof. S.K. Sinha congratulated the faculty for the achievement. He wished that the School of Architecture and Design would bring more laurels to the university while making a niche amongst other Architecture Institutes.

30102017 anoopSMVDU Katra: Ar. Anoop Sharma, Astt. Professor in the School of Architecture and landscape Design at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra delivered the Key-note address at International conference on ‘Sustainability, Art & Culture’ organized by Warmadewa University, Bali from 20th -21st Oct-2017. The key-note address was delivered in the inaugural session of the conference which also saw 03 other Key note addresses from other experts from Australia, UK and Japan. The topic of the Key Note session was, “Sustainability vis-à-vis Tradition and Culture-Case of Diverse India”. During the address, Ar. Sharma introduced the cultural, traditional and climatic diversity of India all across its length and breadth along with the fore-front challenges. Pertinently, the diversity in historicalinterventions in Architecture was also introduced in the address. The follow up with the judicious contemporary architecture examples inspired from traditional wisdom in Architecture and constructional techniques examples from India from different climatic zones were presented. Subsequently, need to establish a path-breaking sustainable practice with examples is proposed other than just emphasizing on sustainability as just a matter of ‘FAD’.

Ar. Anoop Sharma also presented one research paper in one of the technical session of the conference on the topic, “Legibility of contemporary building in India amid cultural/contextual evaluation”. The paper focused on the condition of contemporary architecture in India which is more fascinated towards western methods nowadays. Accordingly, the heterogeneity and contextual values of Indian architecture suiting local attributes are getting increasing diluted and mismanaged. Suitable examples pertaining to the targeted notion were also presented. The presentation resulted in fruitful interaction among the attendees and delegates. Vice-Chancellor of the University Dr. Sanjeev Jain and faculty colleagues of the department of Architecture and landscape Design congratulated Ar. Anoop for his successful participation in the event.

12062021 beyondQuantumProf. Rajeev Garg, Faculty in School of Architecture and Landscape Design at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, authored a book titled “Science Beyond Quantum”, which presents knowledge, principles and codes that may be useful for researchers and scientists across disciplines in order to create matter from light.

The book comprises ancient Indian wisdom on the subject matter as well as tries to interpret modern age science.

Prof. Garg argues that quantum level is not the finishing line and we need to explore beyond in order to get the answer to the questions:

What is the coding, by virtue of which a specific number of protons, neutrons and electrons forms the atom of various known elements, and nucleotides are arranged in the strand of the DNA?

What is that coding which initiates the development of tissues and limbs in an embryo?

What is the science behind astrology/movement of celestial bodies, by virtue of which they affect the characteristics of a person born on planet earth at a particular place and time?

How do we breathe? Is there any science in breathing?

Whether life is also a program in the cosmic computer? What is praan and what are the codes which regulate the pulses in our body?

No milestone in the journey of modern science and technology can be considered to be achieved unless it is explored and understood at a subtle level,” emphasizes Prof. Garg.

The book is also available on Amazon.

30102017 arnaveenAr. Navin Gupta, Assistant Professor in School of Architecture and Landscape Design at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra presented research paper on “Sustainable landscapes in context to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University” at First International Conference on the topic “Sustainability, Art & Culture” organized by Warmadeva University, Bali, Indonesia. The main theme of the conference was related to Architecture & Civil Engineering. As such more than 50 delegates from all across the world deliberated in the event. The conference also featured visit to traditional villages and temples of Bali and showcased their vernacular practices which are religiously followed even in their urban areas.

The research paper stressed on the need of sustainable landscape practices in the institutional planning of the campus so that the campus becomes self-sustaining with such practices in near future in terms of energy and vegetation. The research paper received a very good response and resulted in healthy interaction with the delegates. Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Sanjeev Jain and faculty colleagues of the School congratulated Ar. Navin Gupta for his fruitful participation in the event.

09102020 drAdityaKumar

SMVDU, Katra. The Landscape Architect and Fellow of ISOLA, Ar. Aditya Kumar Singh, Senior Faculty, School of Architecture & Landscape Design, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University (SMVDU), delivered an online lecture on Sunday at OCULUS India platform, during OCULUS India’s International Events.

The lecture titled “Streetscape Perceptions”, presented the world view of urban streets and challenges in Indian urban streets. He also replied to various inquisitive queries of participants from all over the world.

OCULUS India is organizing the student International design competition on urban streets titled “GULLY” for which OCULUS India invited industry experts to interact on the design & use issues related to urban streets through the lecture series started from 04th October. OCULUS India has invited Ar. Aditya Kumar Singh to initiate this lecture series with his vast professional & academic experience of over 20 years.

02072019 arch28th June, Katra. An Architecture student, Mr Debadatta Jena (16BAL007) of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University (SMVDU) has been selected for internship at NAT office, Christian Gasparini Architecture at Reggio Emilia, Italy. He will be visiting Italy during 10th July-25th November, 2019. The Vice Chancellor, the Head and other faculty members congratulated Mr. Jena or his achievement.

Ishani Dayal- of Department of Architecture (batch 2014-19), SMVD University, Katra (J&K); has been selected as an intern in an International Architecture studio RAW Architecture, Jakarta, for one full semester internship.

03072017 arch ishaniAr. Realrich Sjarief is the principal Architect of the reputed Indonesian firm. The firm is a young firm having been set up in 2010 and has a reputation of expertise in Bare Minimalism, Concerns on using natural and exposed materials, efficiency and creative programming, customized craftsmanship. Ishani has brought laurels not only for herself but also in terms of continuous progression towards excellence for the department of Architecture as well as for the University. She is amongst the number of students from current batch who have grabbed splendid internships abroad in the ongoing session.

SMVDU’s Architecture department is the only department of Architecture in the state of J&K imparting Architectural Degree course since 2006. B. Architecture students of the department after undergoing first three years (06 semesters) formal training at the University are required to do semester long internship at reputed Indian/Abroad architectural organizations in their 7th semester of the curriculum of the 05 year (10 semester) degree course. The Internship in 7th semester assist the students a long way for their thesis project (in 10th semester) as well as their future endeavors after the degree course.

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and faculty of the department congratulated Ishani Dayal for this laurel and wished her best wishes for the successful internship at Jakarta. Ishani credited the faculty/staff members of the department for all the assistance and exposure of handling prestigious contemporary projects in her curriculum at SMVDU for this achievement.

04042019 gate2019

Students and alumni of School of Architecture & Landscape Design (SoALD) of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University secured high ranks in GATE 2019 benchmarking examination. Two of SoALD budding professionals Harish Sharma and Ashutosh Kumar Singh has jointly secured 8th All India Rank in GATE 2019 examination, whereas, sixteen others of SoALD B. Arch. students and alumni have qualified GATE 2019.

This year number of GATE qualified students has significantly increased in SoALD, which was about 4 to 6 in previous years. Vanshika Sharma, Shantam Dhingra,, Pushpender Chauhan, Arijit Sarkar, Archi Kumari, Shriya Singh, Preksha Jain, Archi Kumari, Anubhav Sharma, Juhi Kumari, Shradha Gupta, Rajan Maurya, Dipti Lundia, Charu Singhal, Akshita Bansal and Shivangi Chauhan have qualified GATE this year.

Ar Vinod Kumar, Assistant Professor had voluntarily guided students and alumni this year and had conducted special sessions to help budding professionals. Head of School Dr Rajeev Garg have congratulated the achievers and has urged others to set newer heights. Vice Chancellor Dr Sanjeev Jain has congratulated faculty and students for their hard work and extended good wishes for their bright future.

27062017 archMadeeha Ayub-A seventh semester student (batch 2014-19) of Department of Architecture, SMVD University, Katra (J&K); has been selected as an intern in an International Architecture studio Kresings Architektur Gmbh-Germany, against her undergraduate portfolio and an interview. The practice has two studios in Munster and Dusseldorf in Germany, headed by a Norman Foster apprentice Kilian Kresing. The internship is certified with the Federal Employment Agency of Germany as well.

Kresings studio understands architecture as the symbiosis of the disciplines. Creative sensibility and empathy for the task create bold designs with tension and dynamics. Pictures from their deep structures activate key-strokes of experiences. Daily new experimental interpretations place people and spaces in a playful interaction in their workplace. It is indeed a proud moment for not only the student but also in terms of continuous progression towards excellence for the Architecture department as well as for the University. Madeeha is entitled for handsome stipend as well during the internship period. Pertinent to mention that, among the current batch this year; Madeeha is the third student to have secured prestigious internship abroad.

B. Architecture students of the department after undergoing first three years (06 semesters) formal training at the University are required to do semester long internship at reputed Indian/Abroad architectural organizations in their 7th semester of the curriculum of the 05 year (10 semester) degree course. Subsequently, the works dealt during the internship are evaluated at the university by the expert jurors (invited) team upon the return of the students in January. The Internship in 7th semester assist the students a long way for their thesis project (in 10th semester) as well as their future endeavors after the degree course.

27022018 Birla

SMVDU Katra: Expert talk and presentation by Birla White Cement Company (Aditya Birla Group) was organized by the School of Architecture and Landscape Design, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra. The talk was organized as part of the Institute-Industry interactions under Field-Studies course which aims at providing real-time experience and field exposure to the students. Approximately 75 students from B.Arch. attended the expert talk. Prof. Rajeev Garg introduced the speaker and topic of the talk to the students. Mr. Sharad Vyas, Head, Key Accounts and Projects, along with his team members Mr. Gaurav Khattar and Mr. Vikram Sharma introduced the company’s profile, organizational set up followed by the products dealt by the company with few ready samples also. The talk comprehensively covered the product manufacturing, installation and its benefits over comparable products from other makes. Presentation also covered very few prestigious projects dealt by the company in recent past with key innovations involved in the projects. Application of Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) was highly appreciated in view of its versatile nature and potential of use in built environment.

Expert talk also contained the details of Birla White Yuvaratna Awards-2018 announced by the company, which are awarded on the basis of design competition between the students of architecture under different themes. It was informed to the experts that students of SMVDU participate in the awards every year with full enthusiasm and this year too, students are working on their design concepts. The response of the students was well applauded by the expert. The expert talk ended with the vote of thanks by Prof. Rajeev Garg, followed by the healthy interaction between Birla White representatives and students. The talk was organized and coordinated by Prof. Garg, Ar. Anoop Sharma and Ar. Abhimanyu Sharma.

Must be Prioritized to Achieve Millennium Goals and Fostering Vision India 2035

16062017 archIntroduction: Architecture - a Greek word meaning master craftsman better known as mother of all arts. Architect is the nation builder, the most responsible servant of mankind. Any development that takes place must be pro-architect. An architect can totally amend the landscapes of tomorrow and henceforth bring about the change in life style e.g. Modern Housing Apartments, neighbourhoods, city life like that of modern Dubai etc.

Issues: Most of Indian cities particularly Tier-II cities like Jammu and its extension has been shaping up fast with the globally renowned Architectural lines particularly in the Commercial context. In this era of globalization and amid rapid advancing India under Prime Minister Modi, majority of the country-wide cities are in urgency of immediate legible architectural input in its new development that happens in lines with the changing scenario of transportation routes like railway and roads. The new addition of smart cities, vision towards Millennium Goals, skill India campaign and Make in India initiatives by GOI have stretched the scope of the profession in India many-fold. However, there are still many questions to be asked. Are we ready to accept these challenges? Do we have the potential and man-power to deliver such high repute projects? and many more…The answer to all these questions is obviously yes. The gap obviously lies in the initiative and glorification of the profession country-wide. The gap has resulted in the fact that most of such prestigious projects have gone to architects from abroad. Hence, the coming years may witness the infrastructure which is at par with the international infrastructure. When I say, Indian architects are not considered it means we may end up with this international infrastructure without any public realm and context. It is likelihood that the mountains of Kashmir, the hot and dry deserts of Rajasthan and coasts of Goa and Kerala would host similar sort of International Architecture. In a way, our future generations might not feel the need to visit different areas as most of the country would have become monotonous by the time we realize the importance of Indian diversity and celebration of this diversity by the locals including the local Architects. Our historical diverse sense rooted in cultural values to compliment the landscapes with (clothing’s and) architecture speaks volume of the wisdom and sense to celebrate the overall God’s creation even with the addition of man-made structures. After all, it’s the buildings only which strikes the human memory as landmarks or image makers of the city, town or locality. At the end of the day, stage may be avoided else architects would have to listen to many decision-makers who would vow for projects without even architects. Instead, they would advocate the use of computer simulations and internet to create similar projects all over the globe no matter the location or the country and even the funds. The imageability, adaptability, vulnerability and the spatial organizations would not even cross the jury rooms of architecture education.

Infrastructure can be created and normally government is at the helm of affairs to create it with the support of some engineers, bureaucrats and most of the time even without consulting architects. Indeed, the infrastructure is placed in the space judiciously only be one professional in this world i.e. an architect. Like architects are neglected in the prestigious projects, it promotes that the architecture career is also neglected relatively amongst youth from even the leading cities of the country. Prime reason is the availability of less architects in the country as compare to the engineers. Further, the availability of lesser architectural education institutions in the country is directly the breeding factor for that.

In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, there is only one architectural education department i.e. department of Architecture and Landscape Design, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University imparting UG (B.Arch.) 5-year course in Architecture. Though diploma course (2-3 years) is available in some of the polytechnics of the State. The other conclusion of neglecting architecture as career option is the improper knowledge regarding the pros and cons of the said course. Architecture need to be honoured and understood first particularly viz-a-viz like its counter-part career options. Architecture and Architects must be promoted and must lead the initiatives in the fast-developing country - India, like never before, if the country want to realize the dreams like sustainable development goals, India 2035 and Millennium goals etc due for next 8-10 years.

Explication: Presently, Bachelor course in Architecture is available in many varied sub-fields of Architecture like Landscape, Interior Design, Digital Design, Planning & Urban Design etc. However, a general B.Arch. Course is the mostly pursued as the most applicable one. B. Architecture is divided into 5-years i.e. 10 semesters. Student learns various basic aspects of designing, history of Architectural world (advancement in built form encompassing different civilizations), building services (fixtures, water supply & drainage) & structural aspects of a building in first 06 semesters with the help of Lectures followed by design studio work. This is accompanied with site visits, study tours for practical exposure. In the summer vacations, students engage themselves in some practicing Architect’s office in their home town to have field experience and to implement class learning. Students do the mandatory internship in India or Abroad for six months under some Architect or Architectural organization normally after 6th semester to have the total exposure of the practical field. After -wards, jury is conducted to review the work done by the student in the internship with the help of external experts (eminent professionals from the field). 8th & 9th semester is meant to conduct high level learning in terms of building design (campuses, apartments, hospitals) advanced building construction and advance structures. Ultimately, Student do the requisite B. Arch. major thesis project in 10th semester under a supervisor amongst the faculty members chosen systematically for the purpose. In this project, a live or design project of pre-requisite scale is taken up by the student and an comprehensive design proposal along with the project report consisting of project details, prototype studies, site details, requirements and design criterion/concept is required to be prepared & submitted by the student under the supervision of respective Guide in the course of the semester. Overall work is evaluated by jury members comprising of internal faculty & external examiners (academicians/practicing Architects) in 4-5 stages during the semester. This is the most critical component of the degree course as such this prove to be the vital part for the student to earn their job particularly to start with.

Students from countrywide Architectural colleges interact among themselves twice a year on Zonal & National basis under Zo-Nasa & Annual Nasa convention respectively (National association of students of Architecture). After the successful completion of B.Arch. course, student becomes eligible for the award of B.Arch. degree & henceforth for the practicing licence from the Council of Architecture (COA).

Well, it is established now that an Architect (Ar.) is a licensed professional at par with the Doctors (Dr.) and Chartered Accountants (CA) for further growth in professional or academic field. B.Arch. is a comprehensive 5 year programme and along with it, architect’s professional practice is governed by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi, set up by the GOI under Architects Act, 1972. After B. Arch, one may opt for higher studies for specializations like M. Arch. (general), M. Arch. (Landscape Design), MURP (Masters in Urban & Rural Planning), M. Planning, M. Arch. (Urban Design) and Masters in Interior Design. Common route to pursue such courses is through GATE exams as such all these courses are available in leading institutes of the country like IIT’s & SPA’s etc. Student of Architecture after B.Arch. may also proceed towards product designing (M. Des.) through exam like CEED as such institutes like NID-Ahmadabad, IIT Bombay & IIT-Delhi are the preferred destinations for the same. Many students of Architecture from SMVD University, Katra also pursue Masters from leading institutes of USA, Canada, Europe, UK and other parts of the world through GRE and other exams.

Prospects: Candidate becomes eligible for personal practice straight after B.Arch. unlike any other graduate counterpart as soon as he/she gets the Licence from the Council of Architecture (COA). Normally, one prefers to work under some architect of repute in some leading town of the country like metropolitan cities for 2-3 years & then ultimately establishes own private practice majorly in the home town. Though it may prove to be an exercise of patience to start with but for a seasoned Architect sky is the limit in private practice in name, fame & financial aspects in today’s ultra-modern world.

Moreover, those having the rare teaching inclination one may opt for teaching as full time, part time or visiting straight after B. Arch. (First class) as applicable under COA guidelines. However, currently it is recommended to start the teaching career after specialization (Masters). Besides teaching, one may continue to increase the personal qualification in terms of Masters and Doctorate through different avenues. Simultaneously, one may continue to practice under institutional consultancy which has added benefits at promotion avenues while in teaching; besides the financial benefits & experience of large scale projects. Various Govt. Departments, establishments and organizations like PWD, MES, L&T, DLF demand Architects for various prestigious posts as high as Chief Architect of the State.

Though most of the engineering branches are viewed under one lens off late and architecture is increasingly attempted to be merged with these branches. Indeed, it’s a unique 5-year comprehensive professional course with its very different teaching –learning environment. Department of Architecture, SMVD University, Katra is the only available destination in the State currently. It’s a high-time to pursue a career in architecture as built form is always bound to take place as long as there is human on the planet. Pertinently, majority of the state is in urgency of immediate and concerned architectural input in new development that happens in lines with the changing scenario of transportation routes in addition to the initiatives required towards Smart City Mission.

Architecture with its job creating characteristics unlike job seeking ones is the need of the hour in presently unreliable market scenario e.g. Civil Engineers (Structural Engineers), Surveyors, Valuers and besides other varied type of engineers/consultants applicable for special type of buildings are commonly employed by the architect as the Architect is the boss of the operational team for any specialized building to be designed & built. So, pursue a career in Architecture, be a part of this unique Architects' fraternity, gets involved with the mood and chant of the spaces, shaping up of spaces into the places and glorify your motherland Jammu & Kashmir as it badly needs your strategic efforts as an Architect and Planner in coming years. Undeniably, being the aura of an architect of the built form, interior spaces and places is something very special and sensitive like its building solutions ought to be.

27022018 GCET Display

SMVDU Katra: School of Architecture and Landscape Design, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University displayed its students work at two-day 5th National Conference and exhibition on “Emerging and Innovative Trends in Engineering Technology (NCEEITET), organized by GCET Jammu in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, from 19th-20th Feb, 2018. Architecture students displayed their Architectural Design, Art and Other work including building models at the exhibition organized by the organizers. Around 15 national and state level institutions, organizations and research institutes have displayed their projects, works at the exhibition. The exhibition was evaluated and applauded by the Hon’ble Minister of Education Mr. Altaf Bukhari and MoS Ms. Priya Sethi, on day 01 of the exhibition. Further, it was adjudicated by Mr. Chander Parkash Ganga, Hon’ble Minister of Industries and commerce on day 02 of the convention; which also resulted in healthy interaction of SMVDU students with the Hon’ble Minister. The GCET Principal and organizing team of the conference have also accompanied the Ministers during the evaluation and assessment of the exhibition. From the School of Architecture and Landscape Design, three students Mr. Anchit, Mr. Debadatta and Mr. Hardik exhibited the works of B.Arch. Students at GCET convention. Ar. Anoop Sharma from SMVDU coordinated the exhibition of Architecture students at GCET. The SMVDU’s particular exhibition stall has a good response from nationwide visitors including faculty, students and researchers of different organizations like DRDO, Konkan Railways, IRCoN, STERLITE, JKSPDC, NIELIT, J&K BANK, NHPC, BSNL etc. Prof. Rajeev Garg, Head of School of Architecture and Dr. Yugal Khajuria Dean of Students, SMVDU, congratulated the faculty and students for participation in the exhibition.

25052017 PushpenderSMVDU Katra: Mr. Pushpender Chauhan, a 3rd Year student of Department of Architecture and Landscape Design SMVDU, is selected as intern for 6 months at reputed Architectural Organization at Istanbul, Turkey. The organization BINAA is a design and research studio founded in 2012 by Burak Pekoglu a Harvard University alumnus. The main objective of the studio is to generate conversation along the themes of building, innovation, arts and architecture with an exceptional cross-disciplinary collaborative model among research, design and execution. B. Arch. students of the department after undergoing first three years formal training at the University are required to do semester long internship at reputed Indian or abroad architectural organizations in their 7th semester. Subsequently, the works done during the internship are evaluated at the university by the expert jury on the return of the students in January. The Internship in 7th semester assist the students a long way for their thesis project as well as their future endeavors as an architect after the degree course of this professional architectural stream.

SMVDU’s Architecture department is the only department of Architecture in the State of J&K imparting Architectural Degree course since 2006. The students in the department belong to country-wide states and presently admitted at the University department based on All India rank (CRL) scored in the Paper-II of IIT-JEE (Mains). Pertinent to mention that alumni of the department have already brought laurels for the department and University with many of them have pursued Higher education in reputed Universities of USA, Europe and India (SPA, CEPT, IIT’s, NIT’s and Central universities) along with the honour of working in prestigious Architectural organizations across the world e.g. at New York, London, Munich, Dubai, Paris, Kualalumpur, Singapore, Durban, Istanbul etc. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sanjeev Jain and faculty of the department congratulated Mr. Pushpender. Mr. Pushpender expressed his sincere thanks to the faculty and staff members of the department for all the assistance and particularly helping him to have exposure of handling prestigious contemporary projects like World Trade Centre which was dealt in 6th Semester as design exercise.

23012018 GARGSIRSMVDU Katra: Dr Rajeev Garg, Professor and Head of School of Architecture and Landscape Design, was invited as Eminent Speaker in National Seminar organized by Apeejay School of Planning in Noida during January 12 and 13, 2018. The National Seminar of Two days duration was organized on the theme “Architecture Theory and Praxis”. In an interactive session entitled ‘Rifts Challenges and Divergences in Architecture Education & Profession’; Dr. Garg presented his views and strategies to be adopted for Bridging GAPs in Academics and Profession of Architecture. He mentioned that multidimensional and effective training is necessary for all faculty members to contribute better in architectural education.

It is pertinent to mention here that he has a vision to strengthen School of Architecture and Landscape Design at SMVDU through innovation in teaching learning, initiate Master level degree courses and Doctoral research study. His thoughts on uplifting standards of architectural education by adopting Learners Oriented Approach through an Outcome Based Curriculum were well received by the participants. Prof Vivek Sabherwal, Director Apeejay School of Planning and Architecture, Ar Vijay Garg, Vice President CoA, Ar. Balbir Verma, Former President IIA, Ar Yatin Pandya, Eminent Architect and Ar. Anurag Verma, Professor of Apeejay School of Planning and Architecture were also present and participated during the interactive concluding session. Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Sanjeev Jain and Dean Faculty of Engineering Prof. V. Verma congratulated Prof. Garg for the Invited Talk at Apeejay School of Planning and Architecture, Noida. The faculty/staff members of the School also extended their warm appreciations for the successful deliberations of Dr. Garg in the seminar.

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