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04052017 jurycomplete

SMVDU Katra: As the even semesters have approached towards session culmination in the Department of Architecture and Landscape Design, a final jury of Architectural Design was critiqued by external jurors hailing from various design backgrounds in the vibrant departmental premises. Semester VIII did an extensive project of an ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminal) with over 35 students displayed works to Ar. Devender Gupta, Practicing Architect Jammu & Ar. B. S Mahoora, Ex-HOD GNDU Amritsar. Ar. C. L. Razdan, visiting faculty, Ar. Aditya Kumar Singh Head of Dept., Ar. Abhiney Gupta and Ar. Navin Gupta also adjudicated the students design portfolios as internal jury member. A high rise World Trade centre was designed by 38 students of Semester VI as a group presentation. The jury was conducted by Ar. Arshad Wani, Architect at Municipal Corporation Jammu and Ar. S.L. Suri, retired-Senior Architect Jammu. Ar. Anil Tickoo-Visiting faculty of the department along with course coordinators, Ar. Anoop Sharma & Ar. Vinod kumar also evaluated the final works of the students. The Semester IV students designed a High School and presented 30 different views critiqued by Ar. Kapil Mehta, Practicing Architect in New Delhi & Dr. Anjali, Dean MRI University Faridabad. Internal Faculty members Ar. Romesh Sharma, Ar. Abhimanyu and Ar. Sourovee also attended the jury as examiners.

Semester II students did a thorough project on a small Cafeteria. The youngest of all, a bunch of 25 students did their best for their critique headed by Dr. Sandeep Sanket, Associate Professor from SPA Bhopal & Ar. Harinder Arora, senior Town planner-Municipal Corporation –Jammu. Internal Faculty members Ar. A.K. Singh, Dr. Rashmi Kumari and Ar. Tahir Ahmad also evaluated the work as internal jurors. The external jurors applauded the students work and gave necessary inputs to all the students to raise their work in this competitive era in Architecture and Design. The jury session ended with the formal interaction of jurors with the students of respective batches for the overall feedback of their semester’s work and further encouragement. A guest lecture was organized for the students of 6th, 8th and 10th semester by Ar. Sandeep Sanket, Associate professor-SPA Bhopal. He delivered the session on the topic “Universal Design” and called for the necessary elements to be incorporated in the design ideas for its universal adaptation.

SMVDU Katra: Dr. (Ar.) Ajay Vinodia, Associate Professor, School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Bhopal and Adjunct Professor at Department of Architecture and Landscape Design SMVDU was invited to deliver expert talk for students and faculty of the department. Dr. Ajay Vinodia delivered the special talk on the topic “Urban Informality”. In his expert talk, he stressed upon the emergent need to rejuvenate the urban infrastructure of Indian cities on priority as such the condition of Indian cities is far behind even from the basic urban towns of some of the leading countries and further quoted some of the best examples from India and abroad to stress on this view point like Chandigarh, Gandhi Nagar, Singapore and cities of Europe etc. The urban infrastructure along with the basic amenities required for a healthy, peaceful and safe living was well augmented by Dr. Vinodia in his talk. Earlier, the Adjunct Professor was introduced with the faculty and staff of the department. Ar. Vinodia also took note of the various activities along with the studio exercises being dealt in the department. In his interaction with the faculty, he applauded the conference organized by the department and he expressed his happiness to have discovered such a beautiful University campus and a wonderful department at this location and also advised to organize more activities at national and international platform to glorify the department globally as the Dept., on virtue of its merits, deserve promotion. The guest lecture was attended by all faculty members of the department along with the students of 3rd year, 4th year and 5th year. Lecture ended with the questions-answers and informal interaction of students with the Adjunct Professor.

arabhi guptaA Sustainable House Model for sub-tropical climate was presented in the form of Research Paper entitled ‘Building a Green Home Using Local Resources and Sustainable Technology in Jammu Region – A Case Study’ at the International Conference organized by IEREK from 1st Feb-3rd Feb’2017 at Universitat Polytechnica de Catalunya, Barcelona. IEREK is an international institution that is concerned with the exchange of knowledge and enhancing research through organizing and managing conferences in all fields of knowledge. The research article aims at developing a Green Residence in Jammu city, where the concept of sustainability is missing in the current scenario. The research focuses on local resources available and utilizing natural resources efficiently; establishing green roofs, planting trees to control the overall temperature and provide better air quality; and making an effort towards conserving resources and reducing the carbon foot print. Such a solution for designing of a Residence will definitely act as a role model in the making of smart cities. The Research Paper was further published in the proceedings of Elsevier in "Energy Procedia".

a04052017 anoopaAr. Anoop Sharma- Asst. Professor of the department of Architecture presented his Research proposal about the ‘A pilgrimage town as an Impetus for the Urban development in surrounding Fringes- Potentials & Proposals’ in prestigious International Annual conference “ SPACES & FLOWS” held at Historic and reputed University of Pennsylvania-USA from 10th-11th Nov-2016. Conference saw rigorous and healthy dialogue amongst reputed Academicians and professionals from the field of Architecture, Urban planning/Design from amongst some of the leading Universities of the world. The overall conference was spanned across two days and intelligently divided in varied interaction sessions for a healthy output apart from parallel paper presentation sessions. His research proposal highlighted the Urban growth pattern of Katra in last 15-20 years critically and futher, with the help of judicious case studies of pilgrimage towns like Madurai, Kanchipuram etc; Stress was laid upon the advance strategy for the future urban development pattern of potential Surroundings of Katra with safety, Ecology and Image of the Area in priority without harming the economic benefits out of pilgrimage for the state and country at large. Pilgrimage Architecture of Katra and its surroundings was also touched upon in the proposal with judicious examples/studies. The research proposal by Ar. Anoop Sharma invited healthy discussion amongst the participants and earned fair appreciation from one and all presented over there. Apart from the conference, the visit also included the interaction with faculty and students of Architecture of University of Pennsylvania and resulted in huge learning capital for the young faculty for his academic/research career.

16022017 AbhimanyuSharmaAn international institute IEREK-that is concerned with the exchange of knowledge and enhancing research through organizing and managing conferences in all fields of knowledge. Abhimanyu Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture & Landscape Design ,Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University presented a research paper titled “Rejuvenating A Space into World Class Environment Through Conservation and Energy Saving Techniques” in the international conference titled “Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest in Architecture And Urbanism” (AREQ), held in Barcelona, Spain.

In the research paper, Ar. Abhimanyu Sharma highlighted the present conditions of Mubarak Mandi Complex – The Royal Habitation of Maharajas of Jammu & Kashmir, which needs to be conserved and restored. More stress was given on the factors which were responsible behind the present condition of the complex.

He further emphasised on the conservation, preservation techniques along with energy saving techniques which should be implemented in Heritage buildings to retain their sanctity. Furthermore, the existing Architectural Features comprising of both Structural and Decorative elements of Mubarak Mandi complex which makes it an important landmark was discussed, highlighted and appreciated in the research paper.

drvkdograDr. V. K. Dogra, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture & Landscape Design, SMVDU, attended International conference on “Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest in Architecture and Urbanism (AREQ) held in POLITECNICA DE CATALUNYA BARCELONA-TECH at Barcelona, Spain from 1st to 3rd February 2017. He presented his research paper titled “Potential Alternate Energy Resources for Sustainability: A Must Need for a Top Indian Pilgrimage City” during the conference. The paper was coauthored by Ar. Anoop Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor, SMVDU. In the research paper, Dr. V. K. Dogra stressed on harnessing the solar energy, wind energy biomass energy and construction of mini hydropower plants along Jhajjar Nalah near Domail and Sacred Ban Ganga to meet the ever-increasing demands of Katra town and Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board.

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